Cadenza Cottage Studio
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Voice Lessons



CADENZA COTTAGE Studio will guarantee that you experience one-on-one voice instruction. After a successful audition, severe scrutiny and LEIN background check, your teacher will  meet you where you are, and tailor your lessons for your specific skill level, as well as work with you to create a lesson plan to match your goals, no matter how ridiculous and unrealistic.

CADENZA COTTAGE Studio voice instruction has produces many virtuoso soloists, including Filamina Fatlady, the celebrated soprano of opera and Broadway. As everyone knows, the show is not over until Filamina sings!



A Miracle!!

The Cottage staff were recently contacted by an order of Monks, and asked to work a miracle. The Monks were to perform the Haluluah Chorus in a very short time, and they, by self admission, could not sing!!!... The resourceful staff worked intensly with the group... Here is the Miraculas Performance!
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