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Piano Lessons



At CADENZA COTTAGE Studio you will experience the highest caliber of personal piano instruction. Your instructor will have what seems like a minimum of 99 years of piano teaching experience. CADENZA COTTAGE Studio has prepared countless students for Masters in Music degrees at prestigious colleges and universities, as well as producing several professional concert pianists, including Jerry da’Lee Louis .

Mr. Louis was quiet and shy, and very timid when he arrived for his first lesson. After only two lessons at CADENZA COTTAGE Studio, you and see his remakable transformaton.

We find inspiration in many amazing pianists... not the least of which is an amazing clip from YouTube.  A video of a young Chinese girl playing the piano is about to make your day.

The footage may force you to examine the excuses you make not to tackle those major challenges in your own life.

"Souvenir D'enfance" by Richard Clayderman is not an easy piece to play. The girl plays beautifully, with the sort of lyrical maturity not often found in youngsters new to their instruments.

And if that wasn't enough to wow you, she has no fingers on her right hand. 

Please bring your pet to your lessons. It's amazing what they will learn while watching and listening to you as you work with the masters at CADENZA COTTAGE; for example, your pet might, possibly, become another Keyboard Cat!   


We bought each other piano lessons from Cadenza Cottage on our 50th wedding anniversary. That was only 12 years ago, and we haven't missed a lessen yet, and certainly never regretted spending all that dough!

Alfred and Gertrude Higenbottom 

Making Music

Megan is only 13 and  has been taking piano lessons for three months. Already plays like a little pro. Her first recital will be comming soon.  She practices her piano lessons day and night, to be sure she's ready for her firm but fair CADENZA COTTAGE Studio insturctor, or ELSE!  Watch as she prepares "Because I'm a Girl" from KISS, for her debut!  

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